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Revolutionary War Patriots

Raglands served as Patriots

Today I ran across to run across a note in ancestry.com about Virginians serving in the Revolutionary War. The extract attached lists Raglands who served.

Patriots from Virginia

Raglands Serving in the Revolutionary War

Fifteen known Raglands served in the Revolutionary War. All would be descendants of the first Ragland in America, Evan Ragland and his wife Susanna Pettus.

David E. Ragland, Dudley Ragland, Edmond Ragland, Evan Ragland, Finch Ragland, Gideon Ragland, James Ragland, John Ragland, John Buckingham Ragland, Peter E. Ragland, Pettus Ragland, Pettus Ragland, Jr., Samuel Ragland, Shelton Ragland, Thomas Ragland

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“Virginians in the Revolution”


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