Debora Ragland Buerk

Debora Ragland Buerk

I’m a displaced southern writer living in the Pacific Northwest. I earned my Bachelor of Journalism (BJ) at the University of Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri, and have more than forty years of experience in writing, editing, and strategic organizational communications. I’m retired but do pro bono communications.

I live on Whidbey Island off Seattle, Washington, with my husband of forty years and two feral cats.

Currently, I’m researching primarily these family branches: Raglands, Dunns, Taylors, Beaches, Ohares, and Buerks. I use the internet–especially ancestry.com–and other secondary sources. 

You can find my family histories on these sites

I’m a writer of strong convictions. On The Write Stuff Blog, I hope I can offer you a different point of view. Please visit me there as well.

Debora Ragland Buerk
Writer, editor, and 
sometimes family historian

Your story is my story.

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